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Plory........Hayley Stone

Yoop........David Schwimmer

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Transcript Edit

[Cut to Plory and Yoop outside]

Yoop (imitating Ross Gellar’s Voice): Plory, I’ve found a game called Left [pointing left] and Right [pointing right].

Plory: Awesome! Let’s play!

[Cut to an 8-bit Yoop]

Yoop: Tap The left arrow to move left.

Plory: Now, Tap the right arrow to move right.

That was some great practice with left and right. Let’s do some more.

Yoop (imitating Ross Gellar’s Voice): Let’s practice finding things on the left, and on the right.

Which mitten is on the left?

Yes. This mitten is on the left.

Plory: Which bird is on the left?

Nice move. The blue bird is on the right.

Yoop: Which thing is to the left of the clock?

Woohoo! The balloon is to the right of the clock.

Plory: Which thing is to the left of the clock?

Snargg is to the left of the clock

[The band plays fiercely]

Snargg: Ta-da!

Plory: Time for the quiz round!





  • Yoop can be seen imitating Schwimmer’s Friends character, Ross Gellar, in some cases.
  • Plory’s hands can be seen in the quiz.
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