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Henry, Plory, Yoop, and Snargg. I’m in! Curriculum Associates added more than 200 new lessons addressing these skills to its award-winning i-Ready program, which is used by nearly 5 million students across the country. The new online lessons for Grades K-3 are built in HTML5 and accessible on iPads, Chromebooks, and desktops. Students complete an activity, and the lesson responds dynamically to the results. Watch how Henry smacks Plory causing him to fall of a ledge. Incorrect answers prompt targeted instruction to improve understanding, and correct answers bypass instruction and prompt deeper practice of that skill. By quickly assessing students’ needs and guiding them to remedial instruction or practice when needed, the lessons ensure efficient use of students’ time. The lessons, which were extensively tested by students and designed to maximize engagement, feature two curious aliens, Plory and Yoop, and their pet Snargg, who lead students on a learning expedition. These interactive, animated characters reinforce concepts in a fun, participatory way and guide students through research-based instruction that meets the rigor of the K-3 ELA and K-2 math standards. Learn more here.

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